Linda Frana

Linda Frana resides in Grand Detour. Linda is a graduate of Lincoln College, and Southern Illinois University both in Illinois. Her BA degree is in Political Science. Linda is a long time volunteer. In the Summer, of 1987, she had the honor of traveling with a group of Ronald Reagan Boyhood Home volunteers to Washington D.C. to visit with President Reagan in the Oval office. She enjoys working both in the visitor center and boyhood home. She enjoys sharing the story of Ronald Reagan's Illinois boyhood with visitors from all over the U.S. and around the world. Her thirty plus years of volunteer service at the boyhood home have allowed her to experience from our visitors perspective, the respect and admiration that President Reagan garnered during his lifetime. His formative years began in this home on Hennepin Avenue and it's a story she loves to tell. Linda is married to Jerry, retired professor from Sauk Valley Community College Their son David Jeremiah and his wife Siwen reside in China. Linda is the current Ronald Reagan Boyhood Home volunteer representative on the board.